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Brand Founded: April 12, 1991   Chinese famous brand  "Chinese famous brand" is the product of a certifie...


Renda Introduction: Shenzhen Baoan Renda Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in April 1991. The company...


"Any of electrical" series of products sold for up to 20 years, in high and low voltage switchgear and three boxes indu...


Platform comprehensive advantages 1, technical superiority Huawei was founded in 1994 with the development and manufac...

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    Shenzhen Baoan Renda Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is a famous high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, was founded in April 1991. The company currently employs more than 2,000 people, including employees have a college degree or above accounted for 45 percent, creating an excellent team of a cohesive and centripetal force. The company mainly produces high and lo...【More】

High pressure RMU do?
In residential areas, shopping malls, real estate or high-rise buildings and other places often see high-pressure ring network cabinet, RMU is a set of high voltage switchgear, which set the switching device is mounted in a metal plate ...
UPS power supply affect several mains phenomenon
Different mains environment, we can determine the selection of UPS, generally more stable electricity environment where we can use high-frequency UPS power supply, so that not only high efficiency but also has muted effect; and gener...
How to manage the arrangement meter box?
Every household must have a meter, which is a measure used by every household electricity instrument, if the meter error will affect the household's electricity consumption. On the other hand, the meter is also a means of saving and envir...
What stainless steel distribution box operation needs attention?
Stainless steel distribution box rapid development, it has already been known. Moreover, now we are likely to find their presence in the streets, and for people to quietly pay. However, stainless steel distribution box for us at the same...
How to choose the distribution cabinet?
Distribution cabinet use, requiring users to choose the best products, distribution cabinet quality is the first reaction of the user's choice. Therefore, users select the appropriate attitude is the most important in the purchase and dis...